About Us

KIN Culture products are best defined as designing with humanity. Each product has a story. A story of collaboration, inspiration and hope. We value creativity in the people of our nation and the potential of communities to unlock futures. Our products are handmade in South Africa with quality materials and excellent craftsmanship. We believe in products with a cause. Every item you purchase is an investment in orphans and vulnerable children.

It takes a village to raise a child. 

From the pen of a notable African writer, KIN Culture finds inspiration. Our products originate from a handful of ideas fused into a workable design concept. Part 2. We head over to our community of equally passionate artisans to bring these designs to life. Every product is hand crafted to perfection by the people of the great city of Cape Town. After holding up these products to the light in order to view it from as many angles as possible we ship them off to our store and make it available to word wide web. The process of forming a community is now complete. 

Aspiring to make our nation a safe place for our children consists of many different parts. Join the KIN Culture community and do your part.

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